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Digital Marketing Trends

Published by Arijit Biswas on

Digital marketing is growing and hence digital marketing trends come and go. In the middle of 2017, we were witnessing a technological revolution never seen before, we stepped into the digital era, were the online information on the internet doubles every year.

Hence it is difficult to keep up with the recent technological trends and be aware of the latest news. In the marketing industry, it is no different, and as such, I present some major trends to have in with consideration in 2018.

Some of the latest Digital Marketing trends are as follows-

1. Increased Consumption of videos

Brands are investing heavily in video marketing because people like to see videos more than any post or pictures. Be it Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or Amazon Promise- Videos are the easiest and convenient way from were people would like to gain knowledge by grabbing the content.

2. Instagram Stories is the way to reach out the world

Brands that serves the customers will find the Instagram stories the most creative and easiest way to engage their audience.

With features like seasonal stickers, rewind features, zoom in the feature, live polls, life stories, features that can involve two different profiles at the same time is going to be the biggest game changer. Now it is the time to grow your Instagram follower etc.

3. Facebook ads and branding will be on Rising-

Facebook is changing fast as leads were generated on the internet. People are slowly creating a customer’s journey with respect to Facebook ads. You can create an audience out of the people who have engaged with your page, messenger, ads, lead forms, videos etc. This is going o change how leads are generated on the internet.

4. Snapchat will grow now

We are already seeing this difference. Snapchat had allowed self-serving advertisement platform in 2017 and now Indians too can advertise on this platform to reach out to other 6 million Indian Snapchat users especially millennial.

While Snapchat has brought in wearable devices its policies will ease out for marketers to approach this medium and try it out. At-least before Instagram literally kills this platform.

5. LinkedIn for B2B marketers

LinkedIn inMails is by far the most cost-effective business intelligent based marketing product that LinkedIn has brought in forB2B marketers. Linkdln sponsored posts, LinkedIn lead generation ads is where B2B marketers will hang out.

Arijit Biswas

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Michael · November 30, 2018 at 12:11 pm

Your blog is helpful for seo company to improve the performance. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing

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I appreciate your wp design, wherever did you get a hold of it from?

    Arijit Biswas · March 2, 2019 at 12:09 pm

    Thanks for commenting
    My theme is secret and is the best theme of all the time I have got so I can not reveal it to anyone

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