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My name is Arijit Paul Biswas and I live in India in West Bengal. I finished my school from Convent Of Jesus and Mary Ranaghat and I did my graduationĀ from IGNOU in English Honours.

I was not very good at studies from the young age but I was very desperate about sports and playing games, I always used to play football, cricket, basketball and many other games in my school days. I also got many prizes in the annual sports day that was held in my school every year.

I also used to take part in the cultural programs of my school like the annual day, teachers day etc. I used to dance there one of my hobbies is dancing like this I finished my schooling andĀ  I passed my ISC exam then I was admitted in a regular college doing plane BSC(bachelor of science) but I was literally bored studying that because I always wanted to do something unique and extraordinary.

Then I dropped out of my college and I started searching on the web for my dream. After many research, I at last found a thing called Digital Marketing. I didn’t know what is digital marketing at first but then after researching I foundĀ the thing very interesting and startedĀ learningĀ from the internet.

I then thought of doing a course and I got admitted in Seven Boats Academy in Kolkata and I learnedĀ digital marketing there, it was a very good experience to learn it, then I started writingĀ blogs by creating my own website( and I now write blogs. I am a part-time Blogger, making a living from this new dynamic medium from blogs like Digital Marketing.

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Thank You!


Arijit Paul Biswas

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