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Top 6 Marketing Strategies of 2019|Types of marketing strategy

So today I will be discussing the top marketing strategies which sometimes marketers do with us and we didn’t know about it. These are the top and best marketing strategy and will be in trend in 2019. Try to implement this idea on your business if you can do. You must execute whether do copy paste but you must try once in your business.

So I am listing some of my ideas below hope you all will be benefited with these ideas and strategies-

F marketing or Fool marketing

The first marketing strategy I have for you is called F marketing or fool marketing. Now, what is this F marketing so this is nothing but to fool people with your tactics and marketing strategy. So today you think technology has grown and you can’t fool anyone easily but it’s very easy.

Let’s take an example we are buying a pouch of shampoo, now check the weight of the pouch of shampoo which comes in Rs.3 with the big bottle of shampoo. So the cost of per ml will be more in the small pouch rather than the big bottle. We think that if we take the big bottle of shampoo we will get a discount, we will have many advantages I used to think like that only and many people also thinks like this. You take toothpaste or any other products you are been fooled by the marketers.

Did you think of these things ever if you don’t believe me just check before buying and using shampoo? Check the MRP(Maximum Retail Price), check the weight of the small pouch and then check the weight of the bigger bottle of shampoo. Then take out the per-unit cost and compare those things then you will understand you are being fooled till now.

In this comes another thing that we offered our products and offerings like it does not exist only. Like when I was small I read we had melanin in our skin for that we become fairer and darker. When the sun falls on our skin it brings the melanin to the top layer of the skin for protection That’s why we look darker because melanin causes darkness to our skin. So I thought if I make my skin cooler then the melanin will go down the skin and I will become fairer.

So then in childhood, I used to have peppermint( its a type of chemical). So what I did I mixed that peppermint in creams and I used to give my friends to apply and I said by applying it anyone will be more fairer. So that was also a way of F-marketing or foolish marketing right?

So when I was small by these tricks I used to fool my friends and people, like today big companies like fair and lovely, fair and handsome make people fool. But in reality, do you think if you are darker from birth and if you apply some creams and you will go fairer? never these things work instead of what people believe and they used too and they are becoming a fool.

Shadow testing

The second marketing strategy I have for you is called Shadow testing. I hope you have seen this strategy and in today’s market its in trend. So what is shadow testing? It was first started by Fitbit. So what Fitbit did? before launching their product they started the facility of pre-booking. From this, they came to know that how many people want to buy their product.

So let’s imagine some XYZ company. Before manufacturing their product they posted an image of the product on an E-commerce site and on their website and wrote those who are interested please pre-order. People then started registering and then money came and by capitalizing that money they started working on the product and sold them. From these, they consumed their profit too.

Now let’s take Fitbit, what they did? they took the order then attached credit card with it but they didn’t cut money from that. They said when they will sell the product after making then they will cut the money, then people started pre-order in a great number.

Look today new phones are arriving in the market like Samsung, Oneplus, mi etc.., everyone is executing this strategy of pre-booking. So before launching it has been hype and this is known as Shadow marketing. So if you can implement this in your business then do.

Alternative Strategy

The third marketing strategy I have for you is Alternative Strategy. It is like the F-strategy only. In the market, strategies are there from first and everyone knows it and then some people rename those and then show people and say that they invented it. This is a very common strategy in marketing, in the education sector were you discuss strategies, from these people are surprised and they think they came to know such a big thing.

For example, you must hear the thing graph which we used to do in our school days. In that graph, there was a thing called J-curve which was an exponential series. When we learnt this in school days when we read about exponential series, that series was hard and we did not understand easily, so teachers created J-curve and they made us understand easily. Like this many new things are invented.

Nowadays marketers are using old strategies and renaming those with their name and after creating they are selling that marketing strategy to the people. Else they are picking some marketing strategies which were unnamed and after renaming it they try to sell people those strategies. This is really an awesome strategy from my view. Because by this the term is attached with your name and people thinks that you have made it and you get famous.

The Market Assassination strategy

The fourth marketing strategy I have for you is The Market Assassination strategy. So what is this by seeing the name you will think it is the best and it is dominating the market but nothing like that. For example, let’s take Jio when it came to the Indian market it made a huge investment, it came with 4G and it dominated the market at that time no other company made such offer and deals as Jio did.

So by this Jio became more famous and it dominated the market so by this we can see from making the investment we can assassinate the market or we can make a product which solves the problems of people and by these people will only take our products only.

You can do such things like cost-leadership like you can sell a product in the market at a very cheap price or you can do loss-leadership like you can sell a product in a bit loss like let’s take an e-commerce website like Amazon or Flipkart they bear some loss for selling one product.

So for competing with this big e-commerce site anyone have to also lose for selling their product after that only he or she can compete with those e-commerce sites. But for him or her, it is not possible because anyone doesn’t have that much capital and investment. So this is also a market assassination strategy.

Selective Storytelling

The fifth marketing strategy I have for you is Selective Storytelling. Now let’s take any brand in the world in any market in any platform, and then analyse it you will see it must have a story behind it. Everyone dedicates there a story like for example, I am telling a brand tells like in childhood someone said me this that and then I thought of some ideas then I worked on something and then I started my brand.

No one till today said that I was sleeping and then I didn’t have anything to do so I started this brand and it became famous and I achieved my goal. No one says that I had gone to America and I saw a business model and I liked it and after coming home I copied it.

Each and every one tells a story like in their life a problem came and then they solved it because they will have to market a problem-solving product. But the truth is they never made a problem-solving product. If you see many business models in India then you will find all are copied from somewhere. They see some business and if they like it they make investments and started doing as fast as possible.

Everyone has a big story behind them, those stories are a marketing strategy for them. Possibly those are real or genuine but they did selective storytelling in them. They attached small things in their story from their life. In between what things happened those are never told. So these are selective storytelling.

Data-driven strategy

The sixth marketing strategy I have for you is the Data-driven strategy. So in this everything comes is like a marketing mix like digital marketing, growth hacking is all part of this. So in this, we collected data and on behalf of that data we made decisions accordingly. We made the strategy of what the market needs and we gave the required product to people. In this, you have to run marketing campaigns and analyse all and see what works and what does not work.

For example, let’s take someone is selling the product in both online and offline. After doing marketing in both online and offline you saw that with online marketing you have more sales. So you will definitely work and concentrate more online than offline. This is known as a data-driven strategy.

If you have any questions regarding this please let me know in the comments below.

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