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Best career advice|How to be successful in life.

So today I am going to talk about how to choose the right career path for you. You can apply these tips to whatever you want to achieve or who are struggling in their career and can not make the right decision.

This thing I learnt in my career and gained success. So I want to share this thing with you to achieve the goals and success in your life. Anyone can apply these tips to their career and excel even further.

So this tips I researched and found that a man named Coleman created this theory and it was named as “Coleman’s Theory of Success”.
So basically what it looks like is given below. This is a Pie chart of the elements that you need to be had for a successful career. And the three elements are “Performance”, “Image” and “Exposure”. And this split into this chart below.

Best career advice ever |How to be successful in life.

So I probably think this large 60% is exposure right, you need to really perform in order to be recognised and to be successful in your career. But in a matter of facts, it’s a little more like this, that the exposure is 60%, the performance is only 10% and your image is 30%. And I heard this really I mean sucks because well if I am you are working so hard why you are not being recognised for my success.

What things that prove this theory are is that even if you are working really very hard if nobody knows about it if you are not managing your internal personal brand it’s gone a be hard for you to be successful. And I think this is one of the reasons why there are few people in leadership roles because particularly people have a really hard time speaking about their success, speaking up about their contributions to the organization or even speaking up about the positions that they want. They are not managing their exposure, they are not managing their image and therefore they are getting passed over for these leadership roles.

And so what I am sharing with you today is just a few things that you could do increase your internal organizational exposure and therefore you can further excel in your career. These are the few things according to me that you must need to excel in your career.

Speak up

Just speak up! you just have to ask for what you want. I was recently having a conversation with one of my friend who is now smashing the online business industry. While the conversation one thing struck my mind I don’t think she knowingly said this. She said that she was really trying to make it work in her career before she left and jumped for digital marketing. And what she did is she went to the HR and her kind of like demanded that they make this changes for her, they put her in a new position and this really stuck in my mind because I think there are so many people who don’t do these.

There are people who fear to say that he/she wants some particular position or opportunity or some roles. And I think if you did start speaking about a little more about your desires, your goals, your ambitions what are you trying to achieve and how you think the work play should run for you to excel in your career.

Build your network

You must build a good relationship with your clients, business buddies etc. Even in an organization are you actually grabbing your boss and saying like Hey! I have got a five-minute mentoring session can you give me some advice? or like you are saying let’s grab a casual so that you can get feedback from your boss about your particular role in the company. Are you really putting yourself out there to put networks with the people in your organization again so that they know who you are and you are perfect for the opportunity or the position? Make yourself bolder and let everyone know you.

If you have any questions regarding this please let me know in the comments below.

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