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What Are Solo Ads? How to make Money with Solo Ads?

Today I am gonna tell you about what are Solo Ads basically and how you can make serious money using solo ads. As you can see its written solo ad that means it is a type of advertisement.

There are many types of advertisements. You have got social media ads like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, twitter ads, youtube ads etc. Then you have got Google ads, mobile ads etc. So Solo ads are also one kind of ad you can say it is a special type of ad done with emails. You can also say its an email marketing ads or email solo ads.

A solo ad is basically nothing more than advanced email marketing. In this, your main goal is to convince people (i.e. recipients) of this email to take action by hook-or-crook and buy your products or services.

The thing is like email marketing only like you have to send the emails advertising content to tens of thousands people but you have to write very eye-catchy and interesting content in it so that they tend to click the email. You can do it by yourself or you can hire some vendor to do it for you, but where you will get these email addresses?

How to do Solo ads | Options to Run Solo Ads

Ther are some options to make it work. The first one is that you can do it by yourself only. However, you can do it yourself if you already have a buyers email list for your leads. Then you also need an email marketing tool or an autoresponder to make it easy like GetResponce or MailChimp. This way you do not have to copy and paste manually each email address to the recipient address bar.

If you want to do it yourself, you need to create your own ad copy. You may also need to design your won graphic art as well. The other option is you can outsource this and then just copy-paste the completed graphic art to the body of your email.

You can also do SA and get guaranteed solo ad traffic even you do not have thousands of email subscriptions list. This is awesome and you can get targeted solo ads, cheap solo ads, solo ads that convert email solo ads. You can also get your ad in you particular niche like make money online solo ad or weight loss solo ads etc.

If your emails are has a 50% open rate, then you are doing good you can get half of the people of your list who opened and read your email and if you are lucky you can get up to 5% sales rate from a solo ad. For 500 people, it is likely that 15 people will buy.

The best option according to me is to buy solo ads from best vendors or platforms. This is the best option where you can buy clicks like the vendor will send your email campaign to a massive number of people and he will sell you guaranteed solo ad clicks. Like if 5 people clicked and open your email you got 5 clicks.

You will either pay the person by click, by open rate or by the contract price. Many vendors charge min. of $0.35 for each click to high as $1 per click it depends on niche and quality of vendor traffic, it differs vendors to vendors.

With this platform, you can send your email to a massive number of people who will guarantee open your email and read. The solo ad platform which I will talk next have the best vendors with high-quality traffic from high tier countries. However, you can not access those email addresses on your own.

The best platform to buy Solo ads is Udimi.

Udimi is one of the world’s best platform where you can buy Solo Ads from legitimate vendors with years of knowledge in Solo Ads with high reputation in the industry.

You can grab some best deals out there. Your Udimi dashboard will look like this where you can find vendors of your niche and start your solo ad journey with them.

Get the best deals today as you are reading this blog article I have got some best deals for you.

If you have any questions regarding this comment down below.

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