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Best way to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral | Viral Marketing Blog Tips!

This is the Best Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral. See the thing with blog post and virality is all about emotions, anything goes viral because of its all about emotions (Viral Marketing Blog Tips!).

For example- People are either sad or happy they are furious if you invoke this emotion in people you much more likely to have content go viral. So now that we have got that other way because if you don’t have any emotions in your content there is very little chance that your content is gonna go viral, right? but now that you have content that has emotion the first thing you need to do is

Step 1- Feel the Fire (Viral Marketing Blog Tips!)

See if you got a million visitors to a blog post that can easily be worth a few hundred thousand dollars in ad spent. A million visitors could be worth a hundred or two hundred grand in ads spent. So it’s worth fueling the fire by boosting a post on facebook you can start fueling the fire by driving more traffic by using some tools like Stumbleupon on paid ads again you can fuel the fire if you wanna pay for some traffic from twitter again you can fuel the fire. You got the point to get some traffic with some paid ads it helps spare things and gets things going.

Step 2- Buzzsumo (Viral Marketing Blog Tips!)

Go and check the website and put keywords related to your space and you will see that already gone viral (Viral Marketing Blog Tips!). If you know already what people love in your space why would you create a war out of that? And what I like is to read and take knowledge of the posts which have gone viral for 12 months because you can do that on Buzzsumo and then I try to create better versions of them.

This idea of the post is also taken from their too. And when you are writing your content is not just about the content only its also about your page, if your page looks ugly do you think people gonna look at it No! but if it looks beautiful then people will definitely check that out like your page should be amazing and sexy. So make your page beautiful and then it will help you to go viral very fast.

Step 3 The Number’s Game (Viral Marketing Blog Tips!)

You can not really predict what’s gonna go viral or not, if you could you would be already very rich and you could tell people how to go viral(Viral Marketing Blog Tips!) and what is going to be viral and what is not. I could be creating hit after hit but that’s not the reality on average my blogs go viral but not so much and it’s a numbers game. Believe it if I would do it in quantity then people like Buzzfeed need doing in a quantity that means everyone has to do in quantity.


If you are gonna follow these three things your blog post is gonna go viral if I am able to do it anybody can do it too.

If you have any questions ask in the comments section below

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  • Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful info particularly the last part :) I care for such info much. I was seeking this particular information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

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