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Digital Marketing scopes and careers by 2020

So, Digital Marketing is the new way of marketing. It is a rapidly growing career in India as well as in other countries. Today half of the world is using the Internet by which they transact money, frequently make decisions, purchases online. This growing of internet penetration on our life s has given rise to a new career prospect and that is Digital Marketing.

But what id Digital marketing is a whole new concept and for understanding it people have to first understand marketing. Well in simple words I can say that marketing is to connect a product or service to the consumers and digital marketing is a term used for all online purposes a person inject in business to work. This includes SEO, SMM, content writing, email marketing and much more.

So here are some reasons to make a career in Digital Marketing

So according to my choosing a career in digital marketing is a very good decision because it is recession-proof. In digital marketing, investment is low but has the ability to generate more returns on investment, even if there is low down in the economy then also in this profession it has opportunities knocking at once door.

Today from an air conditioner vendor to global production houses everyone is going online. It is estimated that in coming years 75% of the world’s business will go online and under this scenario demand of digital marketing professionals is going to be huge. Now days not only companies but also the politicians and celebrities greatly rely on digital marketing.

There is a digital skills gap in the market, there are 1 lac 50 thousand digital in the market predicted by 2020 and not enough digital professionals to fill them. This provides those studying digital marketing with a unique competitive advantage. You will be gearing yourself up for a career were demands exceed speak always a good move.

Moreover, digital marketing is too vast and has opportunities in various sections like analytics management manager, email marketing manager, CRM manager, E-commerce manager etc and this demand is increasing exponentially you can be a part of this exponentially.

In traditional economics we know what happens next, the value of the product along with the price. When a person is working in a fruitful industry with a large scale shortage anyone can think him or herself as a commodity and negotiate the salary accordingly. The annual growth rate of digital marketing is 40% which higher than the traditional marketing, this thing makes it one of the best jobs in terms of salary package growth.

Digital marketers job requires one out of the box thinking and posting creative materials online every day. Creativity is always enjoyed. No one can hear a digital marketer saying that his or her job is too robotic and boring thus this is the beauty of this field. If a person is creative he or she has a long way to go.

Candidates from any professional background can make a career in digital marketing. The only thing requires to be a successful digital marketer is creativity. Hence no special professional background is required. the only requirement is you should how to use internet and basics of information technology.


The best thing about digital marketing is that if anyone has a laptop, internet and skills to help the business to grow and generate better returns on investments then you don’t need to work under anyone. You can work as a freelancer and subsequently, you can set up your own firm. Unlike traditional marketing digital marketing requires less budget comparatively.

Today we have numerous social media platforms which are free for all, everyone has equal access to them. This social media platforms, blogs which are free work as a great marketing tool. The digital world is very dynamic and business trends are faster than ever hence digital marketing is a constant learning process, there is an air of freshness in this field.

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